Sunday, June 9, 2013

IDEA 3G BBM TRICK Working 100% (JUNE 2013)......{RT}

IDEA 3G BBM       TRICK via 

 NMD VPN (JUNE 2013)....

Hello we all know that IDEA BBM trick is going to be very popular and it also working in many states.Luckily This We Got IDEA BBM VPN TRICK . This trick is working on BBM plan on IDEA which is of RS.99/month. So to make this trick working you need to recharge with any BBM plan , i think BBM plan of Rs99/month is very minimum recharge....

Features of IDEA BBM Trick 2013 -:

* Works with VPNBOOK config with NMD VPN. 
* HTTP and HTTPS Protocol Supported.
* NO Ads while using this VPN. 
* Parallel Download Supported via IDM. 
* Torrentz Supported. 
* Can be Stream YouTube Videos. 
* No Disconnection ISSuse.

Requirements of IDEA BBM Trick 2013-: 

                                                                 >> Download NMD VPN <<< 


                                                          >> Download VPNBOOK Config <<<<

* Now just connect with the given config connection will be establised after a while. If this config ask for username and password, then put the following username and password. 

        USername : vpnbook 
        PAssword : nue2xah5 

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